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“We empower lives through education and bridge the gap for low-income communities”

Empowering Lives Through Education: Bridging the Gap for Low-Income Communities

More Than A Roof Foundation funds education that offers a variety of opportunities for tenants and staff. This includes learning and growing through certifications, degrees, financial literacy scholarships, internships, mentoring, coaching, counselling, and more.

Education for Tenants: In addition to academic pursuits, we support the development of essential life skills. Tenants earn certifications, degrees, and diplomas, gaining financial literacy through scholarships. Internships offer practical experience while mentoring and counselling support personal and professional growth. We break barriers and pave the way for personal success and self-sufficiency.

We invest in staff education for continuous growth. Certifications, degrees, and professional development opportunities are provided, enabling our staff to deliver high-quality services while growing professionally. Mentoring, coaching, and counselling make for a skilled and motivated team.

Educating the Public and Policy Makers: Beyond our immediate community, we strive to inform the general public and policymakers on poverty and housing affordability issues. We raise awareness, promote understanding, and advocate for change through newsletters, articles, and videos. By sharing knowledge, we foster empathy, action, and informed decision-making.
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Promoting Change and Empowerment: Education serves as a catalyst for change so we provide support to break the cycle of poverty, empower individuals, and foster hope. Together, we create an equal and inclusive society where education is a tool for empowerment and transformation.

Education is central to our whole mission. We open doors for all through diverse programs, empowering individuals to thrive and succeed.

Join us in our commitment to provide sustainable and equitable access to the power of education that builds a better future

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