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“More Than a Roof Foundation understands this intricate connection between health and home”

The Health Impact of Affordable Housing

A home represents more than bricks and mortar; it is the vital foundation of health, well-being, and community connection.

More Than a Roof Foundation understands this intricate connection between health and home. We extend it beyond the boundaries of traditional housing by fostering a community that promotes wellness and social support.

Living environments directly impact our physical and mental health.
We support programs that address these challenges head-on, offering homes that are not only affordable but also tailored to support the health and wellness needs of their inhabitants. For low-income seniors and single tenants, specific wellness programs are incorporated to create a proactive health environment.

More Than a Roof understands that social determinants of health extend beyond the personal sphere. Food security is a cornerstone of this approach, with community-based programs providing nutritious, affordable meals. Access to healthy food is not a luxury, but a fundamental right, an essential stepping stone to physical health and psychological well-being.

The Foundation’s community programs also tackle the silent epidemic of loneliness and social isolation. By hosting social and food events, they create spaces for interaction and companionship, essential elements for mental health. These gatherings are critical to community resilience, fostering residents’ sense of belonging and mutual support.

The driving purpose of the Foundation is to create holistic, supportive environments that promote wellness on all levels. Your support enables this foundation to continue making a transformative difference in people’s lives, turning housing into homes and neighbourhoods into communities. Now more than ever, it is clear: a home is more than a roof.

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